Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Total and Permanent Disability

Total and Permanent Disability

Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Income Insurance

Income Insurance

Business Protection

Business Protection

Personal Insurance for YOU

If you were forced to stop work due to an accident, disability or illness what would really matter to you…

  • How long could you survive without your income?
  • How much sick pay or annual leave do you have?
  • Could you survive on the Centrelink Disability pension of just over $670 per fortnight?
  • How would you cover the out of pocket medical expenses?

Your Adviser will work with you to create a tailored solution combining the right mix of Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disability and Trauma Insurance and compare this to what you currently have in place.

Your Family

What would your family’s position be if you were to die?  We don’t like planning or thinking of this outcome, but if you have kids, a spouse or other people who are financially dependant upon you, seeking the right advice about Life Insurance is the responsible step to take. 

Your Adviser will work with you  to make this hard conversation easy, work out what level of Life Insurance cover you need and search from a range of insurers to ensure you have the right policy. 

So you can be confident your family will be looked after if you are no longer around.

Your Business

What would happen to your business if you were to die or become disabled either temporarily or permanently?

Do you have business partners?

What succession planning have you currently got in place?

There are a range of insurances specifically for business owners which enable you to ensure your business is able to survive the unexpected.

Comprehensive & Tailored

There is no one size fits all when it comes to insurance.  Your Adviser will spend time to understand your current insurance needs and provide you a clear summary of:

  • What types of insurance cover you need
  • What level of insurance cover you need
  • Detailed explanation on how cover required has been calculated
  • Which insurance company will provide you the best overall policy for your needs
  • How to best structure your insurance and get the best outcome from a taxation point of view
  • How to implement your new insurance, and guide you through the insurance underwriting process

Claims Paid By Product Type 2008

• Life Insurance $1,642,888,640

• Total & Permanent Disability $370,116,644

•Trauma Insurance $334,649,889

•Income Protection $697,677,939

•An average $12.18 million per working day

•These statistics are the aggregate from the following companies (30/6/09)
AIA AMP Asteron Aviva AXA BT CommInsure ING Macquarie Metlife MLC Tower Zurich