Life Insurance


Life Insurance is also commonly known as 'term life' or 'life cover'.

It provides a lump sum on your death or on the diagnosis of terminal illness.

Life Insurance provides financial support when it's needed most, giving your loved ones financial security and freedom to make choices about their future.

The right amount of Life Insurance differs from person to person.

We can help you calculate an appropriate sum insured for your circumstances which will reflect your debts and the ongoing income requirements of your dependants.

Australian Facts &Figures

  • There are 1,200 new ovarian cancer cases in Australia each year two thirds will die
  • Heart disease affects 2 out of 3 families and kills 133 people a day
  • 10,000 Aussies find out they have amelanoma every year 5% per day die from it
  • Statistics from 2010 Risk Store Formu